Company Forest 

Create your own company forest and make your employees and customers part of your regreening ambition.

Great to have you here, checking out our company forest possibilities! Let’s start with the basics, shall we? You’re looking for a gift in line with your sustainability strategy. Something that might even create a green community. And we’ve got just that.

What is it?


A company forest is a collection of trees brought back in the heart of Africa. The trees are spread out over the farmlands of multiple small-scale farmers. You can start a company forest with just 100 trees and expand it whenever you wish to grow your impact. Every tree within your forest can be gifted separately to employees, customers or partners. Making them all feel part of your regreening ambition.

Virtually visit your company forest


On a dashboard, recipients can visit your company forest and learn more about their tree and all the other trees in the forest. They will be able to virtually visit their trees, meet their farmers, check out the impact of their tree AND the collective impact of the entire company forest. 

Why build a company forest? 

  • Sustainable Legacy: Incorporate your company forest in your CSR or ESG strategy. It shows that your company is committed to the environment in a lasting way, not just for a moment.

  • Shared responsibility: Involving your employees and customers in the company forest makes them feel proud and connected to your sustainability goals.

  • Green marketing: Having a company forest can attract new customers and supporters, and it's great material for promoting your brand. It's the perfect starting point for sharing your wider sustainability strategy.

  • Live impact dashboard: You get to see, and show the world, how your company forest is making a real impact on things like capturing CO₂, retaining water, and supporting local communities. Integrate this dashboard on your website!

  • Educational opportunities: Your company forest can also be like a living classroom, teaching people about ecology, conservation, and sustainable practices.


Gift a tree. Grow a forest. Make an impact.